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Two bottles of SLEEP-N-SLIM ($79.90), and 1 bottle of Auralife Multi Vitamin ($24.95) and receive an additional bottle of Auralife Multi Vitamin absolutely FREE! Total cost with shipping and handling ($7.95) is only $112.80. This combination has been shown to produce the quickest results!




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16 oz.
Price: $39.95

The goal of eurbotanicals was to develop a nutritional supplement product that would work in much the same way as other growth hormone releasers - but naturally. The result is an extraordinary new product - Sleep-N-Slim. Stimulating the pituitary gland with natural supplements gives you the benefits of replacement therapy without the high cost. Taken before bed on an empty stomach (3 to 4 hours after eating), the ingredients used in Sleep-N-Slim can work while you are sleeping to help you lose fat & build lean muscle, improve skin elasticity, strengthen the immune system, improve sexual performance and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Sleep-N-Slim was developed by eurobotanicals inc. using an exclusive complex of amino acids, natural Vitamin C, collagen, pure honey and other ingredients to work naturally. Therefore, it is important to shake the product 15 seconds to thoroughly mix the ingredients before adding one tablespoon to 8 ounces of water at bedtime. Do not exceed suggested dosage.Compare the ingredients of Sleep-N-Slim with other products to see why it is a superior, quality product. This product was not tested on animals.

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